Key in the Lock


Hoyt Square has a total of six floors, five floors above ground and a semi-underground floor connected to the Chicago River across the city center. The total area is about 270,000 square feet, 45,000 square feet each floor. The building has a large parking  lot that can accommodate up to 300 cars. The first floor is 18 feet high, the second floor is 14 feet high, the third and fourth floors are 13 feet high and the fifth floors are 14 feet high with raised skylights. The semi-underground is about 11 feet high. Including the front square, South Annex, and the surrounding parking lot, Hoyt Square covers an area of 3.5 acres land. 





1F 一层

1FL: Well-known Good Fortune Supermarket will build large-scale Chinese supermarkets, bringing a large number of fixed customers to the entire mall.


1FL: 将有知名好运来超市进驻,打造大型华人超市,为整个广场提供大量的固定人潮

2F 二层

2FL: Food Court and a children's entertainment center, offering comfortable dining spaces for the entire mall and a major leisure and entertainment destination for nearby residents.

2FL: 为美食广场,与儿童娱乐中心,为整体广场带来宽敞舒适的用餐空间,并成为附近居民主要的休闲娱乐地点。

3F 三层

3FL: Smart Home Mall, displaying lighting, kitchen utensils, bath, and all kinds of home furniture.

3FL: 为家居智慧商城,将招商国际知名灯饰,厨具,浴具,及各式家居展示空间。

4F 四层

5FL: Offices, including dental office, Clinic, bank branches, Law Office, Accounting Office, etc.

5FL: 商铺出租,牙医、诊所、银行、法律事务所、会计办公室等。

5F 五层

5FL: Will introduce several famous trendy restaurants, including Good Fortune Cantonese restaurant, Number 99 Hot Pot barbecue buffet, and Spicy Space Fashion Grilled Fish restaurant. There will also have luxurious boxes and hall auditorium for a variety of banquet and business needs.

5 FL: 将引进知名潮流餐厅,皇朝豪庭粤式酒楼,99号火锅烧烤自助餐厅,及麻辣空间时尚烤鱼餐厅,并设有豪华包厢,大厅礼堂。适合各种酒席、宴客、商务等。

B1 半地下一层

B1: Health club and Spa, providing a one-stop health and beauty maintenance space for customers in busy urban life.