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Conveniently located near the food court, the Good Fortune Group will be building a large-scale parent-child entertainment center on the 2nd floor of the Mall to provide residents at all ages with a family-friendly entertainment space.


AGE 2 - 6

500 square feet of safe space for parents and children, with a variety of courses and all kinds of puzzle games guided and designed by professionals for new parents.

500 平方尺,为亲子提供安全的空间,提供各式课程,并请有事人指导并设计各类益智游戏,为新父母们提供一个娱乐的选择。

AGE 6 - 12

3200 square feet of a 3D entertainment space, with all kinds of fun maze, ball pool, slides and other recreational facilities to promote the interactions between parents and children. The layout of the venue will be regularly updated to guarantee a new experience for every of your visit.



4,000 square feet, with the latest and most exciting game machines, Crane machine, stickers and other popular games as well as a large number of prizes for guests to redeem or purchase.



45,000 square foot, suitable for adults and children in battlefield team competitions. The playground will provide pre-competition training and professional referee services. Updates will be made on the system, venue theme, and layout on a regular basis.