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The fifth floor of the mall will have a high-end and large-scale Cantonese restaurant, which operates a full range of food. It serves Cantonese-style morning tea, Chaozhou pot-stewed food, Sichuan-style stir-fried food, and fresh seafood, Shanghai soup steamed bun and more.

Currently there’s no restaurant nearby in such scale. The existing restaurants can normally accommodate 30 dining tables at the most. Good Fortunate Cantonese Restaurant will not only provide7 luxurious private rooms, but also can accommodate up to 800 people with nearly 70 dining tables. They can hold two events at the same time. The banquet hall gives a luxurious atmosphere, providing dine-in customers a spacious and comfortable dining environment. It is also the best place to hold various celebrations. At the same time there will be four luxurious boxes, with high privacy and karaoke OK facilities – a perfect place to treat and entertain friends and families for their birthday and other parties. The restaurant will be carefully designed by professionals. At the same time they will hire a well-known team of chefs, equipped with a rigorous training of service personnel, to ensure high-quality services. With a caring professional service, diners will feel at home with the perfect experience.

In addition, the restaurant plans long-term cooperation with well-known event planning companies, holding occasional business events and celebrity meet-ups, as well as offering unique on-site wedding services.